Leaders During the European Renaissance and Reformation

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Can you name the leaders during the European Renaissance and Reformation?

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Popularized the idea that politics was amoral
Spaniard who established the 'Society of Jesus'
Burned at the stake for heresy against the Catholic church for trying to reform it; incited the Hussite Wars
Invented the printing press around 1439
(of Castille) - Queen famous for 'unifying' Castile and Aragon
Last name of family famous for ruling Florence and sponsoring the arts
'The Father of Humanism'
Hapsburg who brought forth the threat of 'Universal Monarchy'
Author of 'Praise of Folly' and 'Handbook of a Christian Knight'
Famous for his encouragement of the idea of indulgences (penance by pay)
Last name of a long line of Holy Roman Emperors (among many other titles)
The first 'New Monarch' of France
Elected Pope at the Council of Constance, ending the Great Schism of the West
French pastor whose views on theology would later be called 'Calvinism'
Scientist who believed the universe was heliocentric
The first 'New Monarch' of England; a Tudor; Ended the Wars of the Roses
Founder of Presbyterianism in Scotland
Author of a biography depicting virtu'
Last name of wealthy banking family famous for controlling economics in much of Europe
Lay preacher who founded the 'Brothers and Sisters of Common Life' (which would eventually be approved by the papacy)
King of France who supported the Schmalkaldic League in an attempt to curb the power of the Holy Roman Empire
Pope during Protestant Reformation famous for his selling of indulgences to fund the Sistine Chapel
Most influential scientific intellectual in the 1400's; laid the foundations for a mathematical conception of the universe
Last name of a long line of French kings
Last name of a long line of English royalty
(of Aragon) - King famous for 'unifying' Castile and Aragon
Posted the 95 Theses in Saxony (1517)
Pope who called the Council of Trent in 1545 in one of the first big moves of the Counter-Reformation
Sold indulgences in Saxony

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