Various Factions During the Age of Absolutism

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Can you name the factions which were around during the Age of Absolutism?

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Favored a Traditional Succession to the Throne in the Midst of the Exclusion Act Debate
Favored an Exclusion Act to Prevent the Catholic James II from Taking the Throne in England
A Group Which Believed the End of the World was Near
Followers of the Theologies of Jacobus Arminius
Led by King Charles I of England; Supported the King in the English Civil War; Believed in Divine Right
A Nickname for Cromwell's New Model Army
A 'Radical' Religious Group Which *Dared* to Do Such Things as Allow Women to Speak at Meetings
Believed in Popular Sovereignty, Universal Suffrage, Legal Equality, and Religious Tolerance
Led by Oliver Cromwell; Supported the Parliament in the English Civil War; Wanted More Representation in Government

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