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Lead Singer
First and Last Name 
First and Last Name 
First and Last Name 
First and Last Name 
City where they originated
Luke's Birthday
Month, Day, Year. 
Michael's Birthday
Month, Day, Year 
Calum's Birthday
Month, Day, Year 
Ashton's Birthday
Month, Day, Year 
Luke's fave animal
Instagram name 
Luke's fave singer
Luke's fave TV show
Luke's fave movie
Luke's two brothers
Michael's fave cartoon
Michael's arm tattoo says what?
Michael's natural hair color is..
Michael's fave word is..
Michael's celeb crush
Calum's fave food
Calum's sister is named..
Calum's fave color is
Calum's celeb crush is
Teenage Dream:) 
Calum's half kiwi and half what?
Think UK:) 
Ashton's fave food is
Ashton's fave color is
Ashton's celeb crush is
Misery Business:) 
Ashton's brother and sister are named?
Ashton's half Australian and half what?
Luke's mother
Michael's mother
Calum's mother
Ashton's mother
Two bands they've toured with?
1st, then 2nd. (chronological) 
Name of new headlining tour?

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