Pokemon Black and White Pokemon Gym Leaders

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Can you name the Pokemon Black and White Pokemon Gyms?

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Mistralton CitySwanna , Unfezant , Swoobat
Striaton CityLilipup, Pansage
Driftveil CityPalpitoad, Krokorok, Excadrill
Icirrus CityVanillish, Beartic, Cryongonal
Opelucid CityFraxure, Druddigon, Haxorus
Nimbasa CityEmolga , Emolga , Zebstrika
Opelucid CityFraxure, Druddigon, Haxorus
Striaton CityLilipup, Pansear
Nacrene CityHerdier, Watchog
Striaton CityLilipup, Panpour
Castelia CityWhirlipede, Dwebble, Leavanny

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