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Main keep of the Night's Watch
The home of the Manderlys
Mountains in the Vale
A major port town in the Westerlands under Lannister rule
The woods south of King's Landing
The city where Danaerys learns to rule
Home of Jeyne Westerling in the books
The home of the Glovers
Island of the Mormonts
A large port town in the Eastern Vale
The greatest structure in Westeros
Seat of House Florent
An Island East of the Wall
The home of the Tullys
The location where we first see Danaerys
A major fortress, once owned by House Whent. Considered Cursed
A ruin, once the summer house of the Targaryens
The womb of the world
The great river of the Riverlands
The home of the Dustins
Home of House Mallister, west of the Twins
The Far North of Westeros - Very Cold
A shore in the north - Theon is sent to harry this
A tower, where Ned found his sister
An Island off the mainland of Westeros, Brienne comes from here
Seat of House Connington
The home of the Starks
Littlefinger hails from here
A major crossing point of the trident, home to the Freys
The keep of House Lannister
The Seat of House Martell
Home of the Karstarks
Islands of the Reach, arracked by Euron's fleet
Gardens near Sunspear
The river near King's Landing, gives its name to a bay
The Nights Watch make it this far north
Major river in Dorne
Home of house Reed
A free city ruled by Triarchs
The Nights Watch stop here on there way north. A key figure is slain here
A region north of the neck, home of the Ryswells
The home of the Tallharts
The home of House Sunderland. Sisterton is located here
A large host of wildlings gathers in these hills
The largest town in Westeros, seat of House Hightower
Seat of House Tyrell
Seat of House Dayne
The home of the Boltons
Seat of House Baratheon
A large wood of the North
Former seat of House Targaryen, now base for Stannis
A city known best for its pleasure houses - and for a deadly poison
Seat of House Redwyne
The far western island, west of the Iron Islands
The home of the high septon
The Northern Sea, East of Westeros
A major battle took place here between Stafford Lannister and Rob Stark
An old defence of the north. 3 towers remain
Isles of the Ironborn
The Castle located on Estermont. Jaime and Cersei once visited
The castle in the capital
The woods in the southern Stormlands
Westernmost keep of the Night's Watch
The narrow land between the north and the riverlands
Point west of the Glover lands
Seat of House Royce
Home of the Umbers
Tallest tower in Westeros. From here, it is said, you can see the Wall
Easternmost keep of the Night's Watch
The only free city not ever ruled by Valryia
A port town. Arya leaves Westeros from here
Seat of House Arryn
The Capital of the 7 Kingdoms
The mountains of Dorne
Seat of House Tarley

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