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Forced Order
Translated SloganPresidentOriginal Slogan
'Only arachides'
'The actual map for users'
'Stocks House is for you too'
'Do not change the flow at the end of the half.'
'Pride's security and harm the interests of the company'
'Children, soft nation'
'Proud of you'
'Will not stop this morning'
'In the future'
'Change management'
'Even better is, you can write, but can four years ago?'
Translated SloganPresidentOriginal Slogan
Again tomorrow in United States territory'
'The children didn't get it'
'Each boiler and the car, all in the garage, tool'
Threshold for 19 of the 21 century, DuPont'
'Back to top'
'Economic reforms'
'Select Farm'
'The bucket full of dinner'
'We believe that this amendment'
'Center for the people'
'Related to the US war'

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