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What was the name of the band that Spinner was in?
What is the last name of Fiona and Declan?
What is Mia's daughters name?
What city does Darcy leave Degrassi to go to?
What famous singer comes to Degrassi's prom?
What class does Spinner fail twice?
What eating disorder did Emma have?
What did Manny want to be when she grew up?
Who is Darcy's little sister?
What was Jimmy's favorite sport?
What are Degrassi's school colors?
Who does Peter sell his apartment to?
What city does Mia leave Degrassi to go to?
What animal does Fiona buy in the new season?
Who does K.C. break up with to be with Jenna?
What is the name of the band that Connor, Dave and Wess create?
Who does Sav loose his virginity to?
Where does K.C. live?

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