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Can you finish the annoying orange quoteQuotes
Hey, hey ______? How'd you get so _______?
Hey _______? Do you have any money?
Pot O _____?
Who shrunk you _____ ______ ____?
Who cut the _______?
Pineapple? More like ________!
Hey apple? _____ you glad I dint say apple again?
Why did the orange go blind?
Well it's nice to meet you ________.
why did the porcupine cross the road?
Can you finish the annoying orange quoteQuotes
You're annoying!
Im an orange, thats a key.....
You're an apple! I'm a tomato! Apple! Tomato! Apple! Tomato! Apple! Tomato! _________.
Hey tomato, nice to see you again! I was hoping we could _______!
Stop throwing boogers, mr ___________!
Whoa! Spagettios is _____ size!
Wow, im really _____ myself! Nyahahahaha!!1
Jingle bells, batman smells, i just _________________!
Chicken ______? Well, where's that?
Check my ______?

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