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Random FactCountryExplanation
Country with the tallest pyramid
Most deforesting country
Most populous African country
Country with the most isolated island (UN Isolation Index)
The best country to live in (International Living)
Only country with an Emperor
Country with the longest coastline
Country with the highest death rate from AIDS
Most volcanic country
Country with the richest monarch
Country with the most tornadoes per sq. km
Country spending the most on miliatry (% of GDP)
Country with the oldest discovered human remains
Country with the youngest voting age
2050's most populous country
Country with the fastest growing city
Least developed country
The largest communist country
Country with the largest overseas territory
Country that drinks the most coffe per capita
Most likely country where you'll attend a secondary school
Least peaceful country (Global Peace Index)
Most populous country begining with G
The only double landlocked country in Asia
Country with the oldest lake
Flattest country
Most densely populated country with over 10 million people
Country with the largest city spanning two continents
Country with the largest GDP per capita
Country with the largest university by enrolment
Most recent counrty to have more than 100 million people
Country that produces the most Cashew nuts
Country with the lowest budget for education
Country that produces the most oil
Country with the oldest island

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