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Can you name the always sunny episode fill in the blanks?

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episode titlemissing wordSeason:Episode
Sweet ______ has a Heart Attack4:10
The Great ___________5:3
The Gang Gives Frank an _______5:4
The Gang Dances Their _________3:15
Dennis and Mac: ________4:1
The Gang Goes ________2:2
_________ Drinking: A National Concern1:3
episode titlemissing wordSeason:Episode
The Gang Finds A _________ Guy1:6
Charlie Goes ________ All Over Everybody's A**es2:9
Dennis and Dee Get a New _______2:10
Paddy's Pub: The ______ Bar in Philadelphia4:8
The __________ Cometh4:13
Dennis Reynolds: An _______ Life4:9
Charlie Wants An __________1:2

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