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Can you name the video game characters by their jumbled name?

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AnagramCharacterInitials & Letter Count
Eighth Song EchoedS.T.H. (5,3,8)
Buys Hay AuraR.H. (3,8)
Speech PollC.P. (4,6)
No North JamsJ.M. (4,7)
Man CampsM.P.M. (2,3,3)
Major we MirthE.J. (9, 3)
Minor ThreescoresS.T.S. (5,3,8)
Fire MatchesM.C. (6,5)
Floral CartL.C. (4,5)
Posy Torn LoafersP.L. (9,6)
AnagramCharacterInitials & Letter Count
An Ant HarkedN.D. (6,5)
CroonC. (5)
Yeti MonksM.T. (4,5)
Exhorting WhipP.W. (7,6)
Reload When EnterT.L.W. (3,4,8)
Is RationalL.T. (5,5)
Mans AurasS.A. (5,4)
Nimblest MoonS.B. (5,7)
Loaned KissS.S. (5,5)
Chesty BoltsS.S. (5,6)

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