Fallout 3 - Locations by Components

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Can you name the Fallout 3 locations by their constituent components?

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Jingwei's Shocksword/Defender Sibley/Aiding the Outcasts
MPLX Novasurge/Paulson/Not of This World
Wazer Wifle/Ricky/Picking up the Trail
Highwayman's Friend/Machete/Merchant Empire
Ink Container/Scribe Yearling/Stealing Independence
Medicine Bobblehead/Beatrice Armstrong/Future Imperfect
House of Wares/Panada/Thought Control
Virgo II Lunar Lander/Prime/Jiggs' Loot
Soil Stradivarius/Professor Malleus/Agatha's Song
Vertibirds/Augustus Autumn/The American Dream
5.56mm ammunition/Protector Casdin/The Outcast Collection Agent
Ballot Box/Bob/You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head
Mississippi Quantum Pie/Ronald Laren/Grady's Package
Hollowed-Out Rock/Manya Vargas/Walter's Scrap Metal
Android Component/Seagrave Holmes/Scientific Pursuits
Lincoln's Head/Bill Seward/Head of State

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