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Man of Bree and spy of Isengard who sold the hobbits a pony.
Son of Barahir who gained a silmaril from Morgoth's iron crown.
Immense man of the Carrock who took a bear shape and slayed Bolg in the Battle of Five Armies.
Spy of Saruman in the court of King Theoden.
Killed in the Nírnaeth Arnoediad by a poisoned orc arrow. Father of Tuor.
Founded Reunited Kingdom and member of the Fellowship of the Ring.
Slayer of Glaurung and prophesized slayer of Morgoth.
Eldest son of Elendil and 2nd High King of Arnor and Gondor. Was slain at the Disaster of the Gladden Fields.
Serving man of Dor-lomin and friend to a young Turin.
Lord of the Nazgul seduced by Sauron.
Nephew of Theoden and Third Marshall of the Mark during the War of the Ring. Became eighteenth King of Rohan.
'The Lame'. Chieftain of the Folk of Haleth who was slain by Turin.
Leader of the Woses of Druadan Forest who aids Theoden and the Rohirrim on the ride to the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.
Gondorian general whose victory at the Battle of the Camp gained him the crown.
Son of Beregond who accompanies Pippin around Minas Tirith.
Lord of Dor-Lomin and father of Turin, whose stand in the Nírnaeth Arnoediad allowed Turgon to escape.
Sixteenth King of Rohan and father of Theoden Ednew.
Founded the line of the Lords of Andunie.
'The Usurper'. Usurped the throne of Gondor in 1437. His desendants became the Corsairs of Umbar.
First Lord of Dor-lomin who wore the Dragon-helm of Telchar.
Heir of Beor who saved Finrod in the Dagor Bragollach, for which Finrod gifted him a ring of friendship.
'The Mariner'. Sixth king of Numenor and husband of Erendis.
Lieutenant of Barad-dur who meets the Army of the West at the Black Gate.
Easterling chieftain who seized Hurin's people in southern Dor-lomin and was slain by Turin.
Son of Elendil killed in the Siege of Barad-dur.
King of Dale during the War of the Ring. Slain alongside Dain II Ironfoot at the Battle of Dale.
Second King of Rohan who built the Golden Hall of Meduseld.
Ninth King of Rohan and last of the 1st line. Took refuge in the Hornburg and froze to death.
Killed by his horse during the War of the Ring, fighting at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.
Fourth son of Anarion who succeeded Isildur as King of Gondor.
Man of Esgaroth who slays the dragon Smaug.
'The Unhappy'. Betrayed Barahir's company to Sauron.
'The Young'. First King of Rohan, who rode to the aid of Gondor at the Battle of the Field of Celebrant.
Brother of Elrond and first King of Numenor.
Youngest son of Denethor who becomes Steward of Gondor under King Elessar.
'The Tall'. First High King of Arnor and Gondor.
Son of Aragorn and 2nd king of the Reunited Kingdom.
King of Gondor and Prince of Rhovanion during the Kin-Strife. Deposed by his distant relative, only to reclaim the throne 10 years later.
First Captain of the White Company who saves Faramir in Rath Dinen.
Son of Theoden killed during the First Battle of the Fords of Isen.
Ranger of the North who brought the Standard of Arwen to Aragorn at the Fords of Isen.
Fellowship member who perishes in the orc attack at Parth Galen after trying to seize the ring from Frodo.
'The Black'. Easterling chieftain who, along with his sons, betrayed the Union of Maedhros to Morgoth.
Last King of Numenor who broke the Ban of the Valar and lies imprisoned in the Caves of the Forgotten.
'The Old'. Leader of the First House of Men during the final part of their westward march to Beleriand.
Last King of Gondor who defeated the Witchking in Arnor, but was challenged to single combat in Morgul and never heard from again.
Lord of Andunie and father of Elendil. Set sail into the West to beg for mercy for the Numenoreans.
Last King of Arthedain who drowned in the Bay of Forochel.
Son of Huor who was sent to Gondolin by Ulmo and married Idril, the King's daughter.
Led the Third House of Men into Beleriand.
Steward of Gondor during the War of the Ring. Burned alive on a pyre after secretly using a palantir.

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