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A peak in the White Mountains, which is situated at the head of the valley of Harrowdale and home to the Dead Men of the Mountains.
Home to the dark-haired, swarthy, enemies of Rohan and allies of Isengard.
'Fire-fort'. Tower on the western side of the Morannon
Formerly Minas Anor. Capital of Gondor in the Third Age.
Marshland where Isildur and three sons were ambushed by orcs.
A large lake upon the Great River Anduin amid the Emyn Muil to the east of Rohan. Contains the rock island of Tol Brandir.
An inn at Bywater where Thorin and his company await Bilbo, and later Sam and Sandyman discuss 'queer things'.
Remnants of Beleriand north of the Gulf of Lune.
A large mountain range to the north of Rhovanion. The last remnants of the wall of the Ered Engrin or Iron Mountains.
The labyrinthine lair of the huge spider-like being known as Shelob.
'The Tindrock'. An island crag which straddles the Falls of Rauros.
River upon which Frodo and Glorfindel made a stand against the Nazgul.
Kingdom of Noldorin Elves during the Second Age where the Rings of Power were made.
The lake located beneath the doors of Khazad-dûm where Durin the Deathless saw in it's reflection a crown of stars above his head.
Pine-woods that covered outskirts of the White Mountains in east Anórien where the Woses lived in the Third Age.
Most southerly of the subrealms of Arnor. Contained the Barrow-downs.
Rose from the lowest dungeon of Moria to Durin's Tower at the summit of Celebdil.
The Lonely Mountain.
The mighty forest that lay in the lands east of the River Anduin.
The old capital city of Gondor located on the river Anduin.
The great mountain chain that ran through the northwest of Middle-earth for a thousand miles, from Carn Dûm in the far north, to Methedras above Isengard in the south.
'Fang-fort'. Tower on the eastern side of the Morannon
An ancient harbour and settlement of Elvish origin in Gondor where Amroth was lost.
The city of the Kings of Arthedain at the northern end of the Greenway.
Ancient seat of the Kings of Arnor founded by Elendil.
An outlying hill beneath the height of Erebor and home to Carc.
This river flowed through the easternmost reaches of the Shire, forming its eastern border except for Buckland which lay between it and the Old Forest.
A series of steep hills at the west end of Eriador that formed the ancient border between the Elven realm of Lindon and the Kingdom of Arnor.
The seat of Princes on the coasts of Gondor that takes its name from a former king of Lorien.
Realm founded by Eorl the Young in the former region of Calenardhon.
Radagast’s dwelling on the edge of Mirkwood.
The easternmost region of the lost realm of Arnor. First to fall to Angmar.
Large town in the central regions of the Shire, the home of Bilbo Baggins, and later of his heir Frodo.
'Hill of Sight'. Sight of the Breaking of the Fellowship.
The name given to a reach of the Greenway in the lands southward from Bree where the Lord of the Nazgûl encamped for a time during his search for the Shire and 'Baggins'.
Ancient Dwarven realm located beneath the Misty Mountains.
The easternmost peak of the White Mountains where Aragorn discovers a sapling of Nimloth.
A river of Lothlorien named after an Elven maid.
A Gondorian fortification at the southern end of the Misty Mountains. Realm of Saruman.
The hill where the King of the Dead swore his allegiance to Aragorn.
The great haven far to the south of Gondor, long held by the Black Numenoreans.
The mountain range forming the northern border of Mordor.
An ancient city of Men that grew up where the North-South Road crossed the River Gwathló. Deserted in the Third Age.
A lake situated at the confluence of the Forest River and the northern reaches of the Celduin south of the Lonely Mountain. The town of Esgaroth was built entirely upon the lake it
A land which lay to the south-east of Mordor and was home to the Variags.
Captial of Rohan founded by Brego.
Black Land of Sauron.
Elven land east of the Misty Mountains and hope of Galadriel and Celeborn in the Third Age.
Fortress of the Witch-king. Formerly known as Minas Ithil.
The volcano in Mordor where the One Ring was forged.
The western mountain-fence of Mordor, lying between it and its ancient enemy Gondor, in which stood the tower of Minas Morgul.
The tallest of the three towers that stood on the Tower Hills and housed the Elendil Stone.
'Hill of Hearing'. It lay among the Emyn Muil on the eastern banks of the Anduin, above the Falls of Rauros.
Land of hobbits west of the Brandywine. Founded by Marco and Blanco.
The stronghold of Sauron in the southern regions of Mirkwood, where he dwelt in secret as the Necromancer.
Realm west of the Ered Luin. Home of Gil-Galad.
North-kingdom of the Numenoreans in Middle Earth.
South-kingdom of the Numenoreans in Middle Earth.
The chief township of the Shire.
Monument comprising two enormous pillars carved in the likenesses of Isildur and Anárion, standing upon either side of the River Anduin at the northern approach to Nen Hithoel.
The wild, untamed lands that lay north of Rivendell. It was here that the Witch-king fled after his defeat in the Battle of Fornost.
Inn at Bree owned by Barliman Butterbur.
Tower where Frodo was imprisoned and rescued by Sam.
A lake in the north of Middle-earth upon which the ancient capital of Arnor was built.
The lands south of Gondor and Mordor that include the coastal city of Umbar.
A plateau in north-western Mordor, in the midst of which stands the volcanic Mount Doom.
A great haven built by Aldarion at the mouth of the River Gwathló or Greyflood. The first permanent settlement of Numenor in Middle Earth.
A craggy, impassable highland located upon either side of Nen Hithoel where Sam and Frodo are lost until Gollum finds them.
'River Running'. Second longest river, which ran from the Lonely Mountain to the Sea of Rhun.
Collective name of the two towers situated on either side of the Black Gate of Mordor.
The Troll-woods west of Rivendell.
An inland sea of Mordor.
Cirdan's domain where the Ringbearers set sail at the end of the Third Age.
First capital of Rohan built by Eorl the Young.
Home of the Ents in the Third Age.
Valley lying east of Khazad-dûm and site of a bloody battle in T.A. 2799 between Dwarves and the Orcs of Moria.
The narrow pass in the northwest of Mordor that formed part of the inner defences of Mordor.
Mountain range in the east of Middle Earth and home to Dain II Ironfoot before the Battle of Five Armies.
The westernmost region of the lost realm of Arnor where the line of Isildur endured.
Orc mountain capital in the northern Misty Mountains. Formerly stronghold of Dwarves.
Great River of the Third Age.
River flowing from the southern Misty Mountains through Isengard, forming a boundary of Rohan.
Last Homely House of Elrond.
An ancient colony in Eriador shared by Hobbits and Men.
A land which lay on the northwestern shores of the Sea of Rhûn. Known for its wine.
The eastern inland sea into which the Celduin emptied its waters.
Remnants of Beleriand south of the Gulf of Lune.

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