Star Wars Species by description.

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Can you name the Star Wars Species by their description.?

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The bounty hunter Bossk was of this species
Recognizable by their head tails and vivid skin pigments
Natives of the planet Kashyyyk
The species that habitates Naboo with Humans
Seen as the band in the cantina on Tatooine
The creaters of the clone army
Aquatic species seen at the Battle of the second Death Star
They invaded the galaxy
The species that led the Trade Federation
Scavengers on the planet Tatooine
The bounty hunter Greedo was a member of this race.
Thrawn and Mitth'raw'nuruodo come from this species
The race of Sebulba
The spies of this race were responsible for optaining the Death Star plans
Darth Maul's Species

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