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Can you name the type of bird from the species names?

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Barn, Red-rumped, Tree & Violet Green
Demoiselle, Red-crowned, Sandhill & Sarus
African Grey, Ground, Night & Orange-cheeked
Clapper, King, Slaty-breasted & Water
Barnacle, Canada, Greylag & Pink-footed
Barred, Burrowing, Long-eared & Ural
Black, Jabiru, Painted, & Yellow-billed
Chinstrap, Emperor, Galapagos & Macaroni
Cactus, Canyon, House & Winter
Amur, Eleonora's, Gyr & Prairie
Black-headed, Cirl, Ortolan & Pallas' Reed
Audouin's, Bonaparte's, Great Black-backed & Ross'
Fox, House, Song & Vesper
African Paradise, Hammond's, Scissor-tailed & Spotted
Eyebrowed, Mistle, Song & Swainson's
Clark's, Great-crested, Pied-billed & Red-necked
African Emerald, Black-billed, Mangrove & Yellow-billed
Black-winged, Brahminy, Mississippi & Swallow-tailed
Baird's, Purple, Semipalmated & Solitary
Harlequin, Mandarin, Ruddy & Wood
Bald, Bonelli's, Golden & Martial
Blood, Golden, Lady Amherst's & Mikado
Blackburnian, Cerulean, Marmora's & Subalpine
Inca, Mourning, Rock & Stock
Black-browed, Laysan, Wandering & Waved
Acorn, Great Slaty, Great Spotted & Pileated
Bimaculated, Horned, Sky & Thekla
Allen's, Anna's, Costa's & Xantus'
Caspian, Kentish, Kittlitz's & Semipalmated
Carrion, Fish, Hooded & Large-billed

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