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factors in the sampling method that influence the result. – poor question design – interviewer tone and attitude Bias
Asking someone to rate one particular thing.Question
Population be divided into groups. A random sample of groups is chosen and then a random sample of members of the chosen group is taken.sample
Population is organized in groups. Groups Examples: Schools, Communities, Companies. A random sample of the groups is chosen. All the members of the groups would be surveyed.sample
data that are only measurable with real numbersNone
a random defined number which provides a measure of scale.None
A statement or question that your project will answer or discuss.None
Data collected from other sources.None
Data collected by you.None
a conclusion that can be made about a population, which is based on a sample.None
Respondent uses own words – allows for a wide variety of possibilities that are sometimes difficult to interpret.Question
this occurs when the chosen sample does not accurately represent the population.Bias
Uses a scale – 1 to 4 for exampleQuestion
Data that is collected over a period of time.None
Employs Checkmarks for selectionQuestion
information that is gathered about an entire population.None
can’t be a fraction of a number, a percentage, or have a decimal.Number
This occurs when surveys are not returned – thereby influencing the results. Bias
data that can be described using whole numbers.None
a word of phrase sought over the InternetNone
variables that cannot be described numerically.None
Numbers which can continue forever. ex- PiNumer
Samples from which the selected elements cannot be reintroduced into the population.sample
variables that can be measured numerically.None
Facilitates the storage and retrieval of a wide range of dataNone
Used to store data (textual and numerical) in rows and column called “cells”. Can manipulate this data using formulasNone
an unintended influence when gathering data from a sample.None
Can include a decimal, rational numbers –4/67 or 67Number
Requires that all selections are equally likely and all combonation of selections are equally likely.sample
Used when sampling a fixed percent of the populationsample
a study that considers individuals from different groups at the same time.Study
Can be raw data or cumulative information depicted on a table. None
the respondent must choose from a given list of responses. These responses are easily analyzed.Question
This occurs when one type of respondent is overrepresented because groupings of different sizes are polled equally. – Overrepresentation Bias
Using this sampling technique, requires that the population be divided into groups. These groups are called Strata.sample
A measured value that can change. None
A visual display use in brainstorming to show relationships → Flow ChartsNone
A study that considers individuals over a long period of time.Study

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