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'Every single night, the same arrangement. I go out and fight the fight'
'It could be witches, some evil witches! Which is ridiculous cause witches they were persecuted. Wicca good and love the earth and women power and I'll be over here.'
'They got the mustard out'
'I lived my life in shadow. Never the sun on my face. It didn't seem so sad though. I figured that was my place'
'This is the man that I plan to entangle. Isn't he fine?'
'I've been having a bad bad day. Oh please won't you put that pad away.'
'I died so many years ago. But you can make it feel like it isn't so. Why you come to be with me, I think I finally know'
'Does anybody even notice? Does anybody even care?'
'I come from the imagination and I'm here strictly by your invocation. So what'd say, why don't we dance a while'
'You're not ready for the world outside. You keep pretending, but you just can't hide'
'God how can this be, playing with my memory. You know I've been through hell'
'I look into it and it's black. Why can't I feel, my skin should crack and peel'
'Life's a show and we all play our parts. And when the music starts. We open up our hearts'
'The battles done, and we kinda won. So we sound our victory cheer'

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