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Family surname
The Cosby Show 
Family Ties 
Growing Pains 
Silver Spoons 
Name any main character (first name)
Golden Girls 
Night Court 
Perfect Strangers 
Bosom Buddies 
Name their tv profession
Al Bundy  
James 'Sonny' Crockett 
Tony Micelli 
George Jefferson 
Arthur 'Fonz' Fonzarelli 
Name an album released in the 80s by
Van Halen 
Huey Lewis & the News 
Janet Jackson 
The Cars 
Name a hit song from the album
Colour by Numbers 
Name a band member (last name)
New Kids on the Block 
The Bangles 
Talking Heads 
New Edition 
An 80's movie starring this person
Molly Ringwald 
Patrick Swayze 
Eddie Murphy 
Demi Moore 
Tom Cruise 
Name the movie with this character
John McClane 
Marty Mcfly 
Ellen Ripley 
Tony Montana 
Jeff Spicoli 
What 80's movie was this song in?
Let's Hear It for the Boy 
Take My Breath Away 
In Your Eyes 
Twist and Shout 
Up Where We Belong 

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