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'let's go yes we're back again with imunse fresh collaboration'
'Got to get this of chest Before... it's too late'
'Calling you on the phone Whenever you be at home'
'Been together for a while now Gettin' closer everyday I wake up in the morning and smile'
'You're my heartbreaker'
'Remember back in the day'
'yo, 1, 2, 1, 2, 3 let’s go'
'This love in my thuggin' G's in, uh I'm tray falling, that's right '
'Baby, are you all for me Baby, my heart is in need Of a love wanting, to cherish the soul'
'your wonderful '
'I, I, I, I like the real ****'
'Crack Crack Crack'
' i feel so empty Since you left me (wanna see your face my girl) It's like.. i don't even know how to explain'
'One for the money, two for the show'
'I grab her hand and proceed To the crowd that's tumbling'
'My name is G G G G baby baby GD GD baby baby'
'B to the I to the G (bang bang) about love'
'Blastin music from my speakers T-shirt's fresh Brand new sneakers. '
'I need you right now I miss you right now
'you sexy hottie, you got that body, you make things right'
'Welcome to the fantastic world... Can you feel that.'
'Let's do it again uh let's do it again I said Let's do it again bigbang let's do it again Let's do it again like'
'No i don't want you're dirty cash'
'my girl my girl my girl'
'I'm so sorry but I love you'
'Represent YG Ya’ll like this one right here, ya’ll This is the BIG BANG'
'You are one for me So I will be there for you'
'Cuz im fla yea fly to the sky'
'Oh girl I cry cry Your my all Say goodbye bye'

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