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'your wonderful '
'Welcome to the fantastic world... Can you feel that.'
'One for the money, two for the show'
'I, I, I, I like the real ****'
'Let's do it again uh let's do it again I said Let's do it again bigbang let's do it again Let's do it again like'
'Oh girl I cry cry Your my all Say goodbye bye'
' i feel so empty Since you left me (wanna see your face my girl) It's like.. i don't even know how to explain'
'Crack Crack Crack'
'my girl my girl my girl'
'I'm so sorry but I love you'
'My name is G G G G baby baby GD GD baby baby'
'Blastin music from my speakers T-shirt's fresh Brand new sneakers. '
'you sexy hottie, you got that body, you make things right'
'I grab her hand and proceed To the crowd that's tumbling'
'yo, 1, 2, 1, 2, 3 let’s go'
'Got to get this of chest Before... it's too late'
'You're my heartbreaker'
'Been together for a while now Gettin' closer everyday I wake up in the morning and smile'
'Represent YG Ya’ll like this one right here, ya’ll This is the BIG BANG'
'Remember back in the day'
'No i don't want you're dirty cash'
'This love in my thuggin' G's in, uh I'm tray falling, that's right '
'Calling you on the phone Whenever you be at home'
'I need you right now I miss you right now
'B to the I to the G (bang bang) about love'
'Cuz im fla yea fly to the sky'
'Baby, are you all for me Baby, my heart is in need Of a love wanting, to cherish the soul'
'let's go yes we're back again with imunse fresh collaboration'
'You are one for me So I will be there for you'

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