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Use the last letter of the previous answer to start the next answer, following the given clues.

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ClueAnswerExtra Stuff
?Son of Poseidon
?You need to have read the Heroes of Olympus series for this
?She kept her maiden name.
?Yes or No?
?It belongs to Thalia Grace.
?He goes by the name of Mr. D
?Transforms from a ballpoint pen.
?Goddess of the Harvest
?Percy's sword
?Meets Percy in the St. Louis Arch
ClueAnswerExtra Stuff
?Goddess of Wisdom
?God of War
?Fill in the blank
?She's a really good friend of Percy.
?God of the forges, fire and blacksmiths
?Half goat, half Man
?You really should know this.
?The god of the sea... Obviously
?You have finished after this one!!!!!!!!!

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