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They're hot and delicious, and they don't have any flaxseed in them.
One bag of coffee per cup of water, right?
When a woman gives birth to a crack baby you do not buy her a puppy.
I'm dancing on the inside.
I hate soda because the carbonation freaks me out.
Gandalf the Grey is still falling down that hole; it's a big hole!
Yeah, as obvious as a man wearing sunglass with a dog selling pencils...
My girlfriend's the ****!
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Hey, I have kind of a crazy idea.
Got a handful of Barbie.
'The Last Supper' cannot be funky.
Get yourself a wink-winker?
May Destiny's Child break up if I count these blueberries.
And you must always be extremely careful of your paddle movements.
Sorry, I'd do a silly walk, but I'm not feeling very John Cleese right now.
Poor thing, I should have opened the window.

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