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Can you name the rhyming phrases featuring Presidents' names?

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CluePresidential Rhyme
On whom Herbert relied to get his couch to the White House?
Basketball-enjoying President's maternal jabs?**
Nixon's successor, with nothing to do?
What the 41st President sat on?
Former General, not standing upright?
Zachary's Flat-Rate envelopes?
Rutherford; his modi operandi?
FDR's successor, a member of the species Homo sapiens!
Trade-in by a President from Georgia
CluePresidential Rhyme
Hobby of a Future Supreme Court Chief Justice?
Favorite parts of the egg for James?
Intensely aggressive 14th President?
One who made the tenth President's hair look good?
J.Q. women?
Ronald; a prominent astronomer at the time of his presidency
Andrew breaches the firewall of a computer?**
The 29th President, checking IDs at bars!?
Millard; an Adam Sandler 1996 movie character

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