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The story of a young girl and her family living in the 1870's on the open plain.
A widowed junkyard owner and his son live together and hilarity ensues!
After a police detective injures one too many partners, the department gives him a new partner- a human looking robot!
A former professional basketball player turns to coaching a high school team, and tries to guide his players through the trials of life.
A private detective who was recently released from prison lives in a trailer and investigates people for a living with the help of his dad.
A special investigative unit covers a lot of ground, reporting directly to the governor of the state.
The lives and times of two (attractive?) motorcycle patrolmen and their co-workers in the state of California.
The sheriff nemesis of a certain independent trucker goes from being sheriff to becoming a special officer of the Atlanta PD.
A bachelor and his female roommates fool their landlord by pretending the bachelor is a homosexual.
A middle class family and their friends grow through the 1950's, focusing mainly on the teenage son.
The story of a large, close-knit family living in rural Virginia during the Depression.
Three young people work deep undercover in a special LAPD unit & only their captain is aware of their existence
A father has children ranging in age from 8 to 28, goes from being married to widowed to married again.
Follow paramedics through their many calls during the day, stopping by Rampart General on occasion.
Widower with three sons marries widow with three daughters, hilarity ensues
A couple of good ol' boys help others while trying to avoid trouble with the crooked local law.
A ditzy woman, her bigotted husband, their daughter, & their son-in-law share a house. Hilarity ensues.
This crime show followed a streetwise veteran detective and his young partner through the ups and downs if their city.
An independent trucker and his hairy sidekick find themselves in sticky situations while trying to avoid their sheriff nemesis.
A doctor gets in to all kinds of trouble when he gets angry while trying to help others. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

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