Broadway Songs w/o Outside Letters

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Can you name the Broadway Songs With Missing Letters?

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Song Without LettersActual SongMusical
O_ _| _ _ut_ro_o_yCats
F_ _m_ _| _n_| _h_| _ _ _m_nOklahoma
I'll |_o_ _r |_ouRent
I'm |_n| In_i_n|_ooAnnie Get You Gun
W_| _ot_| R_ _ _ _ _ _| _or| T_ _| _unChicago
J_ _o_| _n_| SonsJoseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
N_| _ne| M_ _ _n_| _he| _i_kedWicked
Po_n_| o_| No| _ _ _ _ _nPhantom of the Opera
Song Without LettersActual SongMusical
Som_| _n_h_n_ _ _| _ _ _ningSouth Pacific
Emp_ _| _h_irs| _ _| Emp_ _| _ _ _lesLes Miserables
Fr_ _| _t| L_stBig River
L_ _ie_'| _h_i_eHairspray
C_n't| T_ke| M_| E_es| Off| _ouJersey Boys
On|_he| _ _ _ee_| _he_e| _o_| Li_eMy Fair Lady
Sh_ll| _e| _ _n_eThe King And I
L_ _el_| G_ _ _he_dThe Sound Of Music
Song Without LettersActual SongMusical
W_ _ _s| _ _r_o| W_ _onThe Music Man
You'v_| _ot| to| P_ _ _| _| Po_ _ _t| Or| TwoOliver!
H_| Li_ _s| In| _ouLion King
Le_ '_| G_| Fl_| _| Ki_eMary Poppins
G_ _ _ e! G_ _ _e! G_ _ _e!Mamma Mia
M_Ke| _elie_eShow Boat
B_ _ _e| _i_| _ _binSpam-A-Lot
Worst| P_ _s| _n| _on_onSweeney Todd

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