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Forced Order
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Homorhythmic march in Brahms
Use of upper part of piano's tessitura in Dvorak
Bar where we see main theme of Debussy in mixolydian on Db
Lyrical C sharp major theme in Dvorak
Number of bars of cello cadenza in Dvorak
Rhythmically driven 'B' section in Brahms
Figure in Debussy where second subject returns in octaves
Start of development in Debussy, punctuated by 4 bars of homorhythm
2 bars where cello descends by a tone in Schumann
Debussy: new theme in cello, violin I, accompanied by semiquavers
Added 9th in dominant chord in transition in which 3 bars in Schumann?
Fugal passage in Brahms
Moment of antiphony between strings and piano in Schumann (development)
Bars in 4th movement of Schumann with fugal entries in A minor, G major and E flat major respectively
Bars of repeated offbeat quavers in Mendelssohn (increase drama)
Ascending sequence with associated semitone modulation in Dvorak
Brief modulations to C sharp major in Dvorak
New theme in Debussy offset by a crotchet
High G held over 5 bars in Mendelssohn

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