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Brief modulations to C sharp major in Dvorak
Bars of repeated offbeat quavers in Mendelssohn (increase drama)
Bars in 4th movement of Schumann with fugal entries in A minor, G major and E flat major respectively
Number of bars of cello cadenza in Dvorak
Lyrical C sharp major theme in Dvorak
Fugal passage in Brahms
Moment of antiphony between strings and piano in Schumann (development)
New theme in Debussy offset by a crotchet
Homorhythmic march in Brahms
Figure in Debussy where second subject returns in octaves
Bar where we see main theme of Debussy in mixolydian on Db
High G held over 5 bars in Mendelssohn
Use of upper part of piano's tessitura in Dvorak
Ascending sequence with associated semitone modulation in Dvorak
Start of development in Debussy, punctuated by 4 bars of homorhythm
Rhythmically driven 'B' section in Brahms
Debussy: new theme in cello, violin I, accompanied by semiquavers
Added 9th in dominant chord in transition in which 3 bars in Schumann?
2 bars where cello descends by a tone in Schumann

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