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Character DescriptionMovieCharacter Name
A communist Chilean poet forced into exile
An IRA soldier conflicted by the acts of terrorism required of him and his own compassion
A talking sheep-pig
A white working-class woman who meets her 30(ish) year old black daughter for the first time since she gave her up for adoption
A mute woman who only expresses herself through sign language and by playing the piano
A royal Hungarian map-maker and explorer
An Irish/Sicilian American who, as far back as he could remember, always wanted to be a gangster
A hitman who doubles as a bada$$ mother-f***er (ensemble piece so this is who I saw as the main character)
A pregnant Minnesota police officer
A queen who rises to power in a divided and bankrupt kingdom
A Jewish Italian who uses his imagination to keep up his family's spirits in a Nazi concentration camp
A surgeon on the run after being falsely convicted of his wife's murder
A bitter, alcoholic, and blind former U.S. Army officer hoping for 'one last hoorah' before he dies
A man who continuously runs into an old one-night-stand
A child psychiatrist who helps out a kid who can see dead people
A man whose spirit tries to connect with his former lover
A Scotsman leading a rebellion against the English
A former orphan who decides to leave home to start a new life
A U.S. Army Captain leading a company in search of a U.S. soldier in WWII Germany
A former American soldier who joins a native tribe (no, it's not Avatar)
A talented pianist afflicted by manic behavior and breakdowns
A young artist sailing from England to America on a really big ship
An Irish man falsely convicted for the bombings of two English pubs
A wealthy, young, English woman who moves out into the country after her father dies and is left with only a small inheritance
A man who suffers from psychological problems caused by being attacked and raped when he was 13
Character DescriptionMovieCharacter Name
A young FBI agent investigating the murders and kidnappings of a demented serial killer
An astronaut who leads a failed space-flight mission to the moon and must navigate the capsule back to Earth
A sports agent trying to succeed with his only client and have a relationship with his secretary
A game show champion who becomes vindictive after being forced to leave the show
An intelligent and by-the-book LAPD detective determined to break out of his father's shadow
An out-of-work factory worker who becomes a stripper so he can pay his son's child support
A genius janitor at MIT with a lot of mental issues stemming of an abusive childhood
A New Orleans D.A. investigating the assassination of a president
A young, brash, and arrogant U.S. Navy lieutenant/lawyer representing two U.S. marines
A butler who tries to start a relationship with an old coworker
A death row corrections officer who witnesses supernatural events
A semi-mentally retarded man who talks to strangers on a bench
A mental health patient trying adapt to a normal life after coming out of a long catatonic state
A French girl who likes to read who develops a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome
An aged, former outlaw/killer who comes out of retirement for one last job
A New-York mobster trying to start a casino business in the Las Vegas desert
A U.S. Army Sergeant leading a company of soldiers in WWII Japan
A German man who employs thousands of Jews to save them from Nazi's
A middle-aged writer who falls in love with a friend of his 16 year old daughter
A best-selling author suffering from OCD who holds a general dislike for people
A tobacco company executive who becomes the whistle-blower on the tobacco business after seeing an interview on 60 Minutes
An aging and all-but-retired Italian mafia boss
A man falsely incarcerated for the murder of his wife and her lover
The eldest sister of a turn-of-the-20th-century English bourgeoise family
An English playwright who gets involved in a love affair while writing one of his biggest plays

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