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Character DescriptionFilmCharacter Name
A young man falsely accused of raping a girl
A father who must face and deal with the man who killed his son
A genius mathematician suffering from paranoid schizophrenia
A writer who falls in love with the star of a musical troupe
A father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife, and he will have his vengeance in this life or the next.
An Irish immigrant who returns to America to kill the man who killed his father
A poor and not well-educated, pregnant high-school teenager
A recently divorced, wine-loving man
The young maid of an English countess
An aspiring motivational/life speaker and father of a pageant girl
An American on vacation in Morocco taking care of his wounded wife
A ranch hand who falls in love with a cowboy
A famous writer suffering from major depression and nervous breakdowns
A Jewish man trying to survive on his own while hiding from the Nazi's
An accomplished swordsman trained in ancient Chinese martial arts
A conservative judge recently appointed as the U.S. drug czar
A lawyer/'fixer' for a prestigious lawfirm
An illiterate, former Auschwitz guard, now a tram conducter
Character DescriptionFilmCharacter Name
A quirky, fun-loving, pregnant high-school teenager
A man who ages backwards
A ruthless mineral and oil prospector
An engineer, industrialist, flight enthusiast, film director and producer, and philanthropist suffering from severe OCD
An ex-criminal conducting his own investigation of his daughter's murder
A poor Indian teenager on the Indian version of an American game show
A journalist leading the fight against McCarthyism
A white L.A. district attorney trying to convince the public that he is racially sensitive
A Texas man with $2 million running from a hitman
A gay author struggling with alcohol, fame, and attention
The captain of a British royal warship
An author who develops a close relationship with a widow and her young sons
A very smart (non-pregnant) high-school teenager who is in love with an older man
A poor, black, teenage boy taken in by a white family and is an incredibly talented football player
An aspiring female boxer
An paraplegic ex-marine who becomes part of a native tribe to learn more about them
A monarch facing tough decisions in the wake of her former daughter-in-law's death
An Israeli-born former Mossad agent charged with leading an assassination mission
Character DescriptionFilmCharacter Name
An grumpy old man taking a vacation to respect the memory of his deceased wife
An openly gay politician fighting for equal rights in San Francisco
A bomb diffuser 'addicted' to war
A college professor dealing with a bunch of crap in his life
A half-blind horse jockey
An incredibly talented but blind musician/singer who struggles with drug addiction
A talk show host who interviews a former president
A lieutenant in the Japanese Imperial Army in charge of defending an island against attackers
A government worker who starts to turn into a 'prawn' after being exposed to a foreign chemical
A lieutenant in the U.S. Army Special Forces who is owed roughly 700 Nazi scalps
An actor going through a midlife crisis
A single mother working as a clerk in a law firm
A cop working undercover for a mob boss
A hobbit
A French drifter, who opens a sweet shop in a small village
A woman put on death row after killing her lover
A traveling corporate downsizer

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