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MutatePartner of a guy who wears all-black. Was a Dark X-Men.
MephitisoidSpace pirate lady with a tail. Ex-Starjammer.
Vampire, ex-mutantShe is a mother now. Still member.
Magic-based mutateHe got his powers from a gem. He was a member of both X-men and Brotherhood.
Shi'arProtector of the son of the Shi'ar's emperor. Still member.
Artificial beingReceptionist of the school, also looks like Slimer from Ghostbusters. Still member.
MutatePartner of a woman who wears all-white. Was a Dark X-men.
FlockLittle purple dragon. Partner of Kitty Pryde.
HumanFounder of the Hope Serum, the 'cure' for mutants. Still member.
Technological-human hybridProduct of the Weapon Plus Program. X-Force member.
HumanIt was believed that he was a mutant. He got his powers thanks to another mutant.
StrontianSon of the Shi'ar emperor. Still member.
Ex-mutant humanThanks to Stepford Cuckoos, he still got his memories connected to his former powers.
CyborgSoldier from future. Still member.

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