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Can you name the words with double letters in alphabetical order??

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A - Ant eater
B - Bugs bunny was one
C - Delicious (high brow)
D - Opposite of delete
E - Electric ______
F - Opposite of On
G - Spins longer hardboiled
H - Keep away
I - Popular snow activity
J - Muslim pilgrimage
K - Jewish holiday
L - Sick
M - Delicious (low brow)
N - _____ Domini
O - A family game; eating utensil
P - Elated
Q - Type in letters QQ
R - __________ Development
S - Type of Fish
T - Tom ____ and the Heartbreakers
U - These totally suck
V - Raced your engine
W - Light up fish bait
X - Double extra large
Y - Arabic word meaning Mister
Z - Round warm and covered in sauce

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