Musicals with a Plot Twist

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Can you name the musicals with a plot twist by adding an extra random word (or two) into the original musical title?

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A freaky spectacular featuring a cross dressing moose and squirrel doing the time warp again
Story of a book read by Tom Cruise on how to nail the role of Joel Goodson without putting a lot of effort into it
The heart warming tale of how a hideous monster was able to win the Miss America contest with the help of a singing teapot, wise cracking candlestick, and narotic clock.
An in depth look at the mind and inner life of the world's greatest golfer, and his ultimate fall from grace, involving classic fairy tale characters
A historical piece about a cruel Russian dictator and his incredible,wildly decorated, outerwear
Half fish and half foul, this creature tries to tell all his friends under the sea that the sky is falling!
Sesame Street style musical that creatively uses puppets and live action to tell an inappropriate tale about living on a street named after a popular men's magazine
The story of how the largest cat in the jungle, residing in Siam, is helped by an American nanny to connect with his children
The tale of how a young man gets into all sorts of trouble with a brothel next door when his parents go to an annual meeting in Switzerland that brings together top business leader
Tale of a large musical theatre which is haunted by a Sith lord with horns and very unusual face markings
This is a Romeo & Juliet gang story taking place in the hipster underground scene of New York City (Stefon would be an excellent cast member)
Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons head down to the beach where they have 'tshirt time', hit up Karma and tan with the Situation

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