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Goods or services brought INTO a country from another country.
Goods or services sent OUT from a country to another country.
The difference between the value of the goods and services that a country exports and the value of the goods and services that it imports.
When a country's exports exceed its imports.
When a country's imports exceed its exports.
The statistical statement of a country's credit and debit transactions with other countries.
What is GATT?
In what year was GATT created?
Increasing similarities amongst countries as there is more interaction (caused by internet and communication advances).
Amount by which the exports of a commodity are greater than the imports
Amount by which the imports of a commodity are greater than the exports
Canada's largest trade partner
What is the WTO?
What is NAFTA?
A government policy that eliminates tariffs and other laws designed to restrict trade.
A government policy of using tariffs amd laws that limit imports.
What are MNCs?
The movement of call centers or factories to less developed countries for the purpose of cheap labour.

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