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Provide neural support, stability and protection (kill pathogens, supply food))
Unspecialized animal cells that can differentiate into diverse specialized cell types
Type of voluntary movements that control coordinated movements
Nervous cell that reacts to stimuli and conduct the impulses.
Type of tissue that facilitates movement.
Type of skin that is made of flat squamous cells and protects against UV radiation, dehydration and acts as a sensory receptor.
Forms the skeletal system and offers structural support.
Type of involuntary muscle, regulates blood pressure and flow of blood.
Type of tissue used to join other tissues together
Type of integumentary cells that line our stomach and intestines.
Type of tissue that responds to stimuli, transmits and stores messages throughout the body.
Type of involuntary but striated muscle that controls the contraction of the atria and ventricles.
Transports nutrients, regulates body temperature, moves antibodies and clots if there's a cut.
Type of tissue that forms a protective barrier against external contaminants and forms glands
Secrete and synthesize certain substances such as enzymes, sweat or saliva using GOBLET cells
Round cells of body fat which store energy in the form of lipids.

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