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Theory that Earth's Lithosphere & crust is composed of plates which move based on convection currents in the magma
Who came up with the concept of Continental Drift
Second Oldest geological era
Most recent, current geological era
Second layer (made of magma, magensium and silicon))
The theory that the earth's continents move gradually over the surface of the planet on a substratum of magma
He popularized & published the idea of convection currents
The technology for studying Earth by using images and photographs taken from above Earth's surface
Weather and communication satellites which stay in the same spot over EarthProvide almost continuous observation of weather and communications
Satellite orbit which follows a fixed north-south pathAble to make images of different part of Earth with each orbit
Two plates meet at a fault line and one goes under the other
Images that are artificially colouredAllows you to highlight certain features
Oldest geological era
Third geological era
Innermost layer of the EarthSometimes known as outer and inner ________.
Top layer of Earth's interior

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