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Romans conquered the native celts here around 200 B.C. The name stuck
In Roman myth, Romulus was the son of mars, the god of war. He and his brother Remus were left as infants to die in the Tiber River. They were rescued and raised by wolves. When th
The largest urban area and capital of japan. It has been the capital of japan since 1868, after the dynasty that ruled from the western city of Kyoto was overthrown. The emperor's
Gaul was part of the Roman Empire ( they called it ' Gallia,') when the Germanic tribe, the Franks conquered the area in 486.
The former capital of Brazil. In early 1503, gold-hungry Portugese explorers sailed into Guanabara Bay to ring in the new year and claim the area around the estuary for Portugal.
The largest city in China . For more than 1, 000 years this fishing port controlled china's access to the sea, hence the name.
The capital city of maharashtra state in India
Some of the earliest humans on planet earth lived along the banks of the Indus River in Northwest India
Magellan named the country for the king of Spain. The 7,100 islands comprising the malay archipelago were spanish colonies from 1521 to 1898.
The Chin (Qin) dynasty ruled this place from 221 to 205 B.C. The name stuck
The popular Venezuelan- born soldier and states man known as ' the liberator'led peruvian nationals in their fight for independence in the 18th century.
The largest city in Africa and the capital of Egypt . When dissident Fatimid muslims conquered Egypt in A.D. 696, they claimed the rich delta basin as their own and named it after
The third largest city in America. The miami indians called their village 'checaugou,' named for a small river, which in turn was supposedly named for the odor of the wild onions t
A German cartographer, martin wasdseemuller, who literally put it on the map, named the area for Vespucci, who argued that- despitewhat everyone else thought at the time- the conti
The capital off and largest city in France. Close to 10 million parisians now populate the 41 square miles that have been variously controlled by the germans, the british, huns, an
The spanish claimed the region in the 1500's and named it , in latin, for the tons of silver that washed out of underground deposits and were carried downstream by the silver river

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