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Dothraki sentencecorrect conjugationEnglish translation
Anha ____ (dothralat) yomme Havazh DothrakiI ride across the Dothraki Sea
Kisha vos ____(indelat) ewekh.We will not drink olive oil.
Chiori ____(lekhilat) virzetha HalahisiroonThe woman tastes the red wine from the Arbor.
Anha, zhey Drogo, ____(tat) jin.I, Drogo, will do this.
Me ray vos ____(kashat) chakat karlin akka.He has not even lasted twenty miles.
Yeri ____(oharat).You are falling.
Mori vos ____(qafat) anna.They did not ask me.
Homer ____ (arraggat) rizhes mae.Homer choked his son.
Dothraki sentencecorrect conjugationEnglish translation
____ (ammenat) haz heffof.Empty that jug.
Arakh vos ____ (samvolat).The sword won't break.
Mori vos ____ (fonat) asshekh.They are not hunting today.
Hash shafka ____ (zalat) addrivat mae?Do you want him dead?
____ (qoralat) mae! Seize her!
Sorfosor ____ (nakhat) vosecchi she havazh.The earth doesn't end at the sea.
Vezh fin ____ (sajat) rhaesheseresThe stallion that will mount the world.

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