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ABrock Lesnar nearly brock his neck
BFormer Evolution Member
CCaptain Charisma
DNXT Superstars, also wrestle's in FCW
ELast ECW Champion
FFormer Smackdown's #1 ring announcer
GPunjabi Playboy
HCurrent Manager of TNA, He 'knows best'
IFormer woman's champion, Got beat by Chyna at Wrestlemania 17
KLost his jamaican accent
LMember of the Straight Edge Society
MFormerly known as 'Sexual Chocolate'
NManager of the Hart Dynasty
OSurname of Former Evolution member
PFormer Tag Team champion with Brian Kendrick
QWife of King Booker
RLikes to rap his way to the ring
SAlways pronounces name's differently
TFormer intercontinental champion, teamed up with Big Show
UThe Deadman
VHis theme music started with 'Hello Ladies'
WFormer King of the Ring winner
XOld school D-Generation X member
YWinner of 1993 Royal Rumble
ZVince McMahon wreslted him once, fake leg.
#Name of the answer to 'X', defeated Razor Ramon

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