Wizards of Waverly Place A-Z

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Can you name the Wizards of Waverly Place A-Z?

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Female Wizard. One of three Russo childrenA
Miranda Hampson's favorite colorB
Professor who is the headmaster of Wiz TechC
The smell of --- helps Mason find JulietD
Evil teacher at WizTechE
Monster that oldest Russo child createdF
Name of the goblin who is a police officer.G
Best friend of middle Russo child. Non- wizard.H
Oldest of the Russo children. Great wizard, very smart. J
Jerry Russo's brother and uncle of the Russo kids. K
Principal of Tribecca Prep SchoolL
Youngest of three Russo Children, wizard. M
The Russo Children's GIANT friend Hugh--N
Last name of oldest Russo kid's rival at WizTech, JerkoP
15th birthday of a Mexican girlQ
The evil kid at Wiztech. R
Middle Russo child's EVIL 'friend'.S
Mother of Russos. Not a wizard. T
Last name of oldest Russo child's vampire friendV
What middle Russo's friend, Mason really is...W
Oldest Russo Child's Best FriendZ

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