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A - The Goddesss of the Moon
B - Luke's sword
C - Annabeth's last name
D - One of Percy's disabilities
E - Rachel's middle name
F - What Thalia is afraid of
G - Thalia's last name
H - Daughter od Kronos and Rhea
I - The Goddess of Rainbow
J - The God of Gates
K - Zeus, Poseidon and Hades father
L - Casino at Las Vegas
M - Bianca' and Nico's mother
N - Ethan Nakamura's mother
O - Percy's hellhound
P - One of Dionysus' child
Q - Persephone's tittle at Underworld
R - Clarisse's boyfriend's (Chris) last name
S - Connor' and Travis last name
T - Age of Percy at the beginning of the story
U - Name that Sally doesn't want to put when she marry Gabe
V* - Where Percy meets Rachel (contains this letter)
W - Rachel's father
X* - River of the Underworld (ends with this letter)
Y - Michael's last name (son of Apollo)
Z - The Huntress

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