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Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.
I am not Ruth Buzzi standing here! I am not Ruth Buzzi standing here!!
So that's where my priorities are right now. Sex. Specifically with Andy and not with you.
Well, no, why don't we say 9:30, and then make it your beeswax to be here by 9:30? I mean, we'll all be in our late 20s by then. I just don't see any reason why we can't be places
I hope you like shrimp cocktail, because I want you to be guests of honor at our wedding next week!
I want you inside me!
You taste like a burger. I don't like you anymore.
I may regret saying this, but how dare you usurp my authority as producer... director slash choreographer of this talent show.
Sucks d*** we never got to know each other this summer.
Well as I said before, I'm an astrophysicist.
Wh - you're joking, right, dude? I mean, you're a stallion, man, you've had like fifty or sixty women, so it's, you know, it's like...
Seize the day Camp Firewood, cause it's your last.
Next time, you drive the van!
...Or get the f*** off the stage!

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