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XLIII: Pittsburgh vs. Arizona, 53 yards
XLII: New York Giants vs. New England, 45 yards
XLI: Indianapolis vs. Chicago, 113 yards
XL: Pittsburgh vs. Seattle, 95 yards
XXXIX: New England vs. Philadelphia, 75 yards
XXXVIII: New England vs. Carolina, 83 yards
XXXVII: Tampa Bay vs. Oakland, 124 yards
XXXVI: New England vs. St. Louis, 92 yards
XXXV: Baltimore vs. New York Giants, 101 yards
XXXIV: St. Louis vs. Tennessee, 92 yards
XXXIII: Denver vs. Atlanta, 102 yards
XXXII: Denver vs. Green Bay, 157 yards
XXXI: Green Bay vs. New England, 61 yards
XXX: Dallas vs. Pittsburgh, 73 yards
XXIX: San Francisco vs. San Diego, 49 yards
XXVIII: Dallas vs. Buffalo, 132 yards
XXVII: Dallas vs. Buffalo, 108 yards
XXVI: Washington vs. Buffalo, 72 yards
XXV: New York Giants vs. Buffalo, 135 yards
XXIV: San Francisco vs. Denver, 69 yards
XXIII: San Francisco vs. Cincinnati, 79 yards
XXII: Washington vs. Denver, 204
XXI: New York Giants vs. Denver, 67 yards
XX: Chicago vs. New England, 61 yards
XIX: San Francisco vs. Miami, 65 yards
XVIII: Los Angeles Raiders vs. Washington, 191 yards
XVII: Washington vs. Miami, 166 yards
XVI: San Francisco vs. Cincinnati, 55 yards
XV: Oakland vs. Philadelphia, 80 yards
XIV: Pittsburgh vs. Los Angeles Rams, 60 yards
XIII: Pittsburgh vs. Dallas, 96 yards
XII: Dallas vs. Denver, 66 yards
XI: Oakland vs. Minnesota, 137 yards
X: Pittsburgh vs. Dallas, 82 yards
IX: Pittsburgh vs. Minnesota, 158 yards
VIII: Miami vs. Minnesota, 145 yards
VII: Miami vs. Washington, 112 yards
VI: Dallas vs. Miami, 95 yards
V: Baltimore vs. Dallas, 65 yards
IV: Kansas City vs. Minnesota, 39 yards
III: New York Jets vs. Baltimore, 121 yards
II: Green Bay vs. Oakland, 62 yards
I: Green Bay vs. Kansas City, 56 yards

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