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Decade the Human Population reached 1 Billion
The first Billionaire
The SI Prefix for 1 Billion is
Decade the US Debt reached $1 Billion
The 1 Billionth Digit of Pi
First Computer Company to reach 1 Billion FLOPS
First film to gross $1 Billion
1 Billion in Long Scale
1 Billion kilograms per cubic meter is the surface density of this type of star
This African Country is about 1 billion square meters in area
First country with a population of 1 Billion
First video with 1 Billion views on YouTube
1 Billion billion in short scale
This Celestial Body is slightly less that 1 Billion miles from the Sun
1 Billion minutes ago (more or less) Trajan became Emperor of this
In 2008 this country released a 1 Billion denomination banknote
Doc Brown needed 1.21 Billion Watts to power this
1 Billion pounds is the weight of this Middle-Eastern skyscraper
This Website's quizes will have been played 1 Billion times in April, 2013

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