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He left his girlfriend at the chapel
has photographic memory
'My son was named after his son. I just need a moment.'
You can buy furniture for 99 cents! Look at this chair. This is America, man!'
'If you'd had the baby, we'd be together in New York right now; it wouldn't be raining and even if it was, we wouldn't care because we'd be together. We'd be together. '
She has Alzheimers
'Don't make me climb over this stall. I'll do it but I'll be really pissed because I don't know you that well.'
Had once suffered from cancer, then was fired from the hospital
AKA : Vermin, Fratboy
A patient with a sick heart, but is in love with an intern
'She stole My McDreamy, and my McDog...'
Has an ongoing relationship with #7

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