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In what film does a character say, 'That's not a knife. This ... is a knife.'(Peter Faiman, 1986)
In which film does a Japanese character say, 'I hate karaoke'?(Sue Brooks, 2003)
What is the name of the character who says, 'I am a widow's son, outlawed, and my orders must be obeyed.'(Gregor Jordan, 2003)
In which film is this the last line: 'My land is far away, boss, but always I can find it.'(Rolf de Heer, 2002)
In which film is this the last line: 'Let's get her!'(Rowan Woods, 1997)
In which film does a character say: 'And I used up all me letters, so that's ... 130.'(Gregor Jordan, 1999)
In which film does the main character ask his mate: 'Am I dead yet?'(David Caesar, 1996)
Film or CharacterMovieDirector
What character says, 'Keithy George has done himself a mischief.'(Andrew Dominik, 2000)
In what film does 'KFC' stand for 'Ker F...... Ching'?(Bill Bennett, 1997)
In what film does one woman tell another: 'You're her bloody mother'? (Gillian Armstrong, 1987)
In what film does a father say to his son and his friend: 'Up yer bum!'(Geoff Burton/Kevin Dowling, 1994)
In what film does a doctor ask: 'Does anyone need counselling?'(Tony Ayres, 2002)
What's the name of the film in which Hugo Weaving, playing the part of a man blind from birth, when asked why he was driving a car despite his disability, says, 'I forgot.'(Jocelyn Moorhouse, 1991)

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