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Can you conjugate the following French verbs in the Passé Simple tense (first person singular)?

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InfinitifVerbe conjuguéTraduction anglaise
sentirto smell, to feel
couvrirto cover, to wrap
se laverto wash
payerto pay
rendreto give back, to render
apprendreto learn
monterto climb, to go up
chanterto sing
boireto drink
parlerto speak, to talk
entendreto hear
lireto read
acheterto buy, to purchase
entrerto enter, to go inside
commencerto start, to begin
vouloirto want, to hope for
garderto keep, to take care of
perdreto lose, to waste
direto say, to tell
avoirto have, to get
courirto run
finirto end, to finish
rentrerto go back in, to bring in, to return
envoyerto send
choisirto choose, to select
attendreto wait, to expect
mettreto put, to place, to hang
aimerto love, to like
InfinitifVerbe conjuguéTraduction anglaise
êtreto be
devoirto have to, to owe
vendreto sell
faireto do, to make
s'asseoirto sit down
allerto go
jouerto play, to perform
tomberto fall (down)
tenirto hold, to grasp
naîtreto be born, to arise
mourirto die
voirto see
savoirto know
prendreto take, to pick up
partirto leave, to come undone
éteindreto put out, to turn off
mangerto eat
donnerto give
dormirto sleep
étudierto study
apercevoirto glimpse, to notice
se leverto stand up, to get out of bed
connaîtreto know, to be acquainted with
se débrouillerto manage, to sort out
pouvoirto able to, to be capable of
écrireto write
sortirto go out, to be released

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