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words, alphabeticallydefinitions, lexicon
social networking, microbloggingcharacters, Jack Dorsey
examination, corpsedeath, disease
extant species, deer familypalmate antlers, dendritic
planet, Sunlargest, Solar System
hair, backcombingRastafari movement, Sadhus
non-state actors, robberycriminal violence, shore
role-playing video game, Bethesda Game StudiosBethesda Softworks, Microsoft Windows
Texas, Harris CountyTexas Medical Center, Johnson Space Center
Polynesia, archipelagovolcanoes, Honolulu
A&R executive, television personality Pop Idol, The X Factor
female singing group, Motown RecordsDetroit, doo-wop
chemical element, atomic numbergroup 14, periodic table
natural number, 1012, counted
writing, printingdrawing, packaging
phonograph, motion picture cameralight bulb, research laboratory
folding chair, fabricvinyl, leisure
form of government, stateinherits, birth
special administrative regions, People's Republic of ChinaMacau, city-state
dessert, dairy productssugar, sweeteners
Biblical Hebrew, Biblical AramaicJudaism, legal
premium cable television, Time WarnerUnited States, Encore
landlocked state, Eastern EuropeRomania, Ukraine
science fiction television, BBCtime-travelling, TARDIS
malnutrition, starvationepidemic, mortality
astronomical object, syzygybinary star, solar prominences
cereals, leguminousflour, water
East Germany, West BerlinGermany, East Berlin
optical disc storage, PhilipsSony, Toshiba
Science Fiction, Adventure FilmSteven Spielberg, Michael Crichton

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