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Has the least amount of Facebook friends
Goes by the name of Dizzy54321
Middle name is John
Is an only child
Has never played a fifa match against Monty
Reached 11 Fifa finals
When drunk...Lies next to a shed
On Facebook has Kill Bill 2, Rise of the Footsoldier and Saw as their favourite movies
Believes the French Revolution started at Mike's house
Star sign is Gemini
Has never had a girlfriend within a 100 mile radius of London
Born May 12th
Hosted the first ever rave
Holds the record for 17 matches without a win
When drunk...Wishes you a happy birthday
Once had the Pokemon theme tune as their celebratory Fifa song
When drunk...Wants you to get out his bathroom
Hikari Mitsushima
Took Computing but dropped out in the first year
Star sign is Capricorn
Beat Alex via penalties on Fifa (LOL)
Surname is a measurement of time
Has more photos of himself than friends on Facebook
Surname is alphabetically first
Broke Ashkan's window
Won 11 Fifa Tournaments
Supports a football team the furthest north

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