U.S. President by Date of Death

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Can you name the U.S. President by the date of their death?

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January 18, 1862Richmond, Virginia
June 1, 1868Lancaster, Pennsylvania
July 24, 1862Kinderhook, New York
July 4, 1831New York City, New York
July 31, 1875Elizabethton, Tennessee
June 5, 2004Los Angeles, California
September 14, 1901Buffalo, New York
February 3, 1924Washington, D.C.
September 19, 1881Elberon, New Jersey
December 14, 1799Mount Vernon, Virginia
November 22, 1963Dallas, Texas
August 2, 1923San Francisco, California
July 9, 1850Washington, D.C.
February 23, 1848Washington, D.C.
June 15, 1849Nashville, Tennessee
October 8, 1869Concord, New Hampshire
July 4, 1826Quincy, Massachusetts
January 5, 1933Northampton, Massachusetts
March 28, 1969Washington, D.C.
April 12, 1945Warm Springs, Georgia
March 13, 1901Indianapolis, Indiana
March 8, 1874Buffalo, New York
December 26, 1972Kansas City, Missouri
March 8, 1930Washington, D.C.
January 6, 1919Oyster Bay, New York
June 8, 1845Nashville, Tennessee
June 28, 1836Montpelier, Virginia
June 24, 1908Princeton, New Jersey
April 15, 1865Washington, D.C.
December 26, 2006Rancho Mirage, California
July 4, 1826Charlottesville, Virginia
July 23, 1885Mount McGregor, New York
January 17, 1893Fremont, Ohio
October 20, 1964New York City, New York
November 18, 1886New York City, New York
January 22, 1973Stonewall, Texas
April 4, 1841Washington, D.C.

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