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'Magic Kingdom were dreams come true!!! Yh right where was _____ _____!!!!!'
'I used to think that people who wore turbans had ____ ________'
'I would have liked to meet ______'
'The stars look like ________'
'Dying by cocaine is better because at least you are being _______'
'When we go to Turkey how are we going to get to the _____ ______?'
'Get out my ________!!'
'And because your a friend and its nearly Halloween I'm on ____ for you ;)'
'The _____ ________ started at Mike's house'
'If your deffender hadn't blocked that shot in the last second what a come back it would have been You would been buying a new ____ with all my powerful jizz blasting threw it
'Tina can't talk because she's got too many _____ in her mouth'
'Joe stop ______ the room!'
'My mum and I were in Tesco and she wanted to get some beef and i was like '____'
'That guy needs to grow a ___'
'I gotta go now, I'm wearing a ______'
'_____ _____ has got it going on. Ooohhhh'
[Why did you move to London?] 'Because of my dad's job' [Where does he work?] '_____ _ _______'
'If you vote for me you'll get a free bottle of water and a packet of ______'
'Oh yh I remeber last night I had a conversation to your grandad about the ______'
'Why didn't you let me walk around like that? Its called ______'

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