harry potter beasts in alphabetical order

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Can you name the harry potter things alphabetical order ?

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A-spider capable of human speech
B-tree guardian
C-half horse half human
D-sometimes mistaken for a fairy,venomous teeth
E-there horns,tails and exploding fluid used in potions the horn used to be on the lovegoods wall
F-small decortive beast of little intelligence
G-common garden pest often found in the weasleys garden
H-head of a eagle and body of a horse
I-often confused with fairy has slapstick sense of humour
J-resembles big ferret but can talk
K-looks like a hedgehog but is not as trusting
L-mischievous is the ireland mascot
M-they speak mermish
N-likes anything glittery
O-2 winged creature with serpentine
P-magnificent swan-sized bird it regenerates by bursting into flames
Q-highly dangerous carnivorous beast with taste for humans
R-dwarf like creature live whereever blood has been spilled
S-from egypt human head lions body
T-twelve feet tall and weighes over a tonne
U-beautiful pure white horned horse
W-humans turn in to them when bitten and at a full moon
Y-also know as big foot 15 feet high is covered in hair

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